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Grow your business online & increase your bottom line. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, more and more prospective customers are choosing digital as their preferred medium to conduct business.

With Strunk Marketing your company will meet the needs of your prospective customers helping you to grow your business and stay in front of the ever changing landscape.

"I have been working with Strunk Marketing for a long time. I like having a partner in business as opposed to just another vendor. The amount of detail & effort they put into our campaigns is why I would never look somewhere else. They literally handle everything digital for our company and it is nice to know that we are always ahead of the trend."

- Todd Haldeman, GM/VP

Haldeman Ford of Kutztown

"I am a realtor and I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to advertise online effectively without a large budget. I reached out to Strunk Marketing and soon realized that even with a smaller budget I could see real results. I just needed to get the ball rolling and soon I had a larger marketing budget and could barely handle the leads coming into my office."

- Dillon Bryant, Owner

Bryant Realty

"The reason I worked with Strunk Marketing was the fact that there wasn’t a minimum contract. Not to sound negative, but I don’t feel comfortable locking my company into a contract with someone that I have never done business with. Just doesn’t seem right. I now have no intention of leaving them anyway, so I guess in a way, they did get a long commitment out of me? I highly recommend Strunk Marketing."

- Steve Drasher, Owner

State Farm Insurance Agent

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